» The order of review of manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal "Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA"

The order of review of manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal "Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA"


Approved at the meeting 
editorial Board


29.11.2012 G. (Protocol No. 2)






Manuscripts of scientific articles coming in the editorial Board shall be bastelanleitung for their expert evaluation.

a sample review form is provided in the Annex of this Order.

the review Function articles are assigned to the members of the editorial Board, composed as the FGUP GosNII GA and other organizations. All reviewers should be recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have in the last 3 years publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles.

By decision of the chief editor to the peer-review can be involved also, the specialists, doctors and candidates of Sciences, are not part of the editorial of the Board and are skilled in direction activities that correspond to the subject of a scientific article. Reviewing is carried out by public basis.

editorial Board Member also may involve the additional consideration of other specialists.

in case of failure in reviewing the author of the manuscript, the editors should be sent to the author a reasoned response.

After consideration if necessary, the manuscript may be directed to re-review. Peer review conducted by a specialist (doctor or candidate) member of the editorial Board.

the timing of the review in each individual case determined by the chief editor.

When submitting articles on reviewing the reviewer notified that referred to it, the manuscript is a private property author (s) and shall not be disclosed. The reviewer is not allowed to make copies of the manuscripts with the purpose of using the material for their own needs or transfer to a third party.

the review must be highlighted the following issues: 1.) does the content of the article the title of the topic, 2) how art meets modern the scientific thought, 3) availability of the article to readers, for whom it is intended, from the point for language, style, structure, clarity of tables, charts, figures and formulas, 4) it appropriate to publish an article based on a previously issued on the subject of literature, 5) in what specifically are the positive aspects and shortcomings of the article, any corrections and additions must be made by the author.

In conclusion, the reviewer concludes publications: the article is recommended for publication without changes; the article is recommended for print taking into account the correction of observations and deficiencies noted by the reviewer, or the article is not at all recommended for publication.

Reviewing is confidential. Confidentiality may be broken if the article the reviewer found evidence of unreliability, falsification, or borrowing materials from other sources, then is mandatory check for PLAGIARISM system.

the Authors reviewed article has the opportunity to review the text of the review.

If the review contains recommendations on correction and revision of the article, the editorial Board sends the author the text of the review with the proposal to take them into account when preparing new version of an article or disprove them. Revised the paper is resubmitted for review.

If the reviewer does not recommend an article for publication, after consideration by the editorial Board it can be sent to another reviewer.

the negative review(s) sent the authors by electronic or regular mail.

In if you disagree with the opinion of the reviewer the author has the right to provide a reasoned response to the editorial staff of the publisher. In this case, the article at the meeting of the working group editorial Board.

Editorial the Board may, in case of unwillingness of the authors to modify the article subject suggestions and comments of the reviewers to reject an article. At the request of reviewer the editorial Board can submit the manuscript to another reviewer.

If the review is on the article is positive, then the final decision on whether the publication is made by the Chief editor (or, on behalf of member the editorial Board), and if necessary the meeting of the editorial Board as a whole.

After the adoption the editorial Board decision on the admission of the article for publication, the editorial Board informs about this author, and notes the date of publication.

the Text of the review sent to the author by e-mail or a copy will be provided under the painting.

At the request of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation reviews in compulsorily provided in Commission (HAC) and/or the Ministry.

the Originals reviews are stored in the magazine for 5 years from the date of publication articles.




Chief editor  V. S. Shapkin


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