to subscribe to the journal "Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA can in any post office at a price specified in the catalogue.


Subscription index of the journal in the Catalog "Newspapers and magazines"

OJSC the Agency "Rospechat" (refer to "Log Russia") -70663


In 2015 You will be able to subscribe to 5 rooms Scientific Messenger.


If You are not able to subscribe to mail, we can do it
directly through the Editorial Board.


Address for applications: Mikhalkovskaya 67, building 1, 125438 Moscow, Russian Federation.
FGUP GosNII GA (with subsequent transfer of the original)


the subscription Price for the 2nd half -1005 rubles 00 kopecks

with the Price VAT and postage costs.


After receiving the application, the account will be for the required number of copies, with the postage costs. In the application must specify the email address (with index), Bank details, full name of Your company, a phone for communication.

After the publication of the Bulletin will be directed You by the mail.


Tel(495) 956 49 63 EXT. 1018';