» Requirements for the articles

Requirements for the articles

1. The editorial Board of Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA, accepted for publication open for print, original articles, anywhere previously unpublished and not intended for publication in another journal.

2. The text of the article should be submitted in Microsoft Office Word 2007 or .

3. The maximum amount of article 8 A4 pages, in addition to articles, prepared by commissioned by the editorial Board. Portrait orientation.

4. Published in the journal article should include the following elements:

- the index of the universal decimal classification (UDC), stamped on top left of the sheet (10 PT);

- the title of the article (centered in capital letters, 14 PT, bold);

- initials and surnames of authors (lower case letters in the center, 10 Fri);

- abstract - a brief description of a scientific article, font regular, 10 PT. (recommended average volume of 800 marks);

- keywords that are at least 8 words.

- the main text of the article, an average of 8 pages (via a blank line after the keywords) 12 PT font;

- literature (citation - GOST 5.0.7).

is about the authors.

5. Text:

Main the text of the article may have the following structure: introduction, data about research method, experimental part, the findings and recommendations. It is desirable that the logic of the presentation of the material was close to this structure (the sub-sections can not be injected).


Main the text is followed by phrases, and half empty string.Font-Times New Roman size 12.

margins: top-2.8 cm, bottom-2.5 cm, inside and outside-1,75 cm, back cover – 0.5 cm. Mirror margins.

Internal the headings are to be centered.

7. After the text of the entire article, you should leave 2 blank lines.

8. The title of the section LITERATURE (without dot at the end) is typed in capital letters bold font size 10 PT on the center line (without indentation). Hereinafter empty string.

List literature consists of bibliographic references and is issued by GOST 5.0.7. Ordinal reference is indicated in the corresponding line of text in square brackets. Sources in the reference list are located in the order of their mentioning in the article.

In article recommended an average of 10 references.

List literature also made in the form of a combination of transliteration and translation in English language ( REFERENCES).

9. Then in English:

- the title of the article (capital letters, bold, 11 Fri);

- surname and initials of authors in the English language (bold font PT);

- abstract in the same format as in the beginning of the article;

- keywords Keywords: regular font the words themselves.

After keywords need to leave 2 blank lines.

10. Then, in the middle of the line (without indentation) is typed title: Information about the authors (without dot at the end). Next, the empty string, and for her:

surname, name and patronymic - in bold and then plain font: year of birth, completed by the author the University is indicated in parentheses year of graduation, degrees (including honorary), academic degree, position and place of work, the total number of published scientific papers, research of interest, the e-mail address.

Next is information about the authors in combination with transliteration and English About the author (s):

name and initials in transliteration, the position and the name organization, Ministry (office, etc.) in English. the language of address in transliteration. At the end is El. E-mail address.

11. Creating tables

the table should be placed after the first mention in the text. as a rule, in the center of the line. The word table and the number in the right the end of the row: table 1 ( primary in bold, 11 PT) then below is the name of the table (normal font, centered). Links to the table in the text are in the form: table. 1 - without a closing point. Table with regard to its dimensions, can be located on a separate page, so and on the page with landscape orientation.

12. Creating formulas.

For math expressions and formulas, you should use the built-in equation editor WORD Microsoft Equation 3.0.), or Math editor Type.

Separately standing formula should be placed in the center of the line. If the formula is numbered, we need to put her number in parentheses on the right.

13. Creating drawings.

Drawings, illustrations and their captions must be inserted in the text of the article in black-and-white, and attached as a separate file of any graphic format.

Drawings numbered sequentially and placed in the center of the row. To start them should Fig. 1. (in bold). If the drawing contains the captions (11 PT font ), then the signature is not should be included in the drawing.


Specific making encouraged to review articles in the Scientific Journal of GosNII GA No. 6 (see The newsletter archive on this site).