» Requirements and conditions, predstavlenie for publication in the scientific journal of GosNII GA

Requirements and conditions, predstavlenie for publication in the scientific journal of GosNII GA

the Manner of publication
To publish  in the journal "Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA," the author must submit to the editorial Board, the open to print the original article were not published elsewhere and not intended for publication in another journal. The article should present the scientific and practical interest, be relevant, be novel, contain a statement of a scientific problem (problems), description of the main results obtained by the author and conclusions.
    The article must be executed in accordance with established rules.
   Article and book review submitted by the author (external or internal), are reviewed by the editorial Board within 1-3 months. The editorial Board may refer the article for additional review.
   The authors are responsible for  the content of the article and the accuracy of the  given  in her materials and information.
   The editorial Board has the right to carry out scientific and literary editing of submitted articles, including to reduce them (by agreement with the author), and  send the paper back for revision. 
   The editorial Board may reject an article that does not meet the requirements or the scope of the journal, then the author is given a reasoned opinion to be submitted via  email.
   the Authors within 10 days of receiving notification of the submitted article.   Within 1-3 months after registration of an article, the editorial Board informs the authors about the results of the review and the publication of the article. In the case of a positive decision, the article is published in the order queue.
   The editorial Board is author complimentary copy of the journal containing the published article.
   To publish an article in the journal  how can citizens of the Russian Federation,  and citizens of foreign States.
   Royalties to authors of published articles is not made and payment from authors for publication will not be charged.
   graduate students and students for publication of manuscripts will not be charged.

guidelines for authors

        1. From the article, present  in the editorial Board,  the author must be attached:
-   a representation of a doctors recommendation  for publication if the authors do not have Ph. D. (the Form of representation);
-    review of the manuscript (recommended form of review);
-    consent of the author(s) to bring the article to the public  and the use of metadata to include in the  database.  (Form of consent of the author);
-    data  in Russian and English (Information about the author).
        2. For authors from other organizations, are sponsoring the Institute's staff, must Expert opinion on the possibility of publication (examination certificate).
        3. For  all authors  from  other  organizations, including  which  co   employees FGUP GosNII GA, be sure to written consent (permission)  the organization for publication data  works, unpublished results of which are used. Consent (permit) is issued by the head of the organization, or the authorized person appointed in a proper order.
        4. The authors should edit the manuscript and signed with the transcript at the bottom  of the last page.
        5. Materials  to send to the editorial Board of the journal in print 1 copy at:  str mihalkovskaja, D. 67, korp. 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, FGUP GosNII GA, 125438  and in electronic version in WORD format (optional - pictures in any graphic format in black and white) at: science@gosniiga.ru.
.      Articles  without observance of these rules will not be considered and are not sent back, the editorial Board informs the author about the decision  email.