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Main Contacts


Full name:

Federal State Unitary Enterprise State Research Institute of Civil Aviation

Short name:


Mailing address (sending correspondence):

Mikhalkovskaya ul., D.67, building 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125438

Legal address:

Mikhalkovskaya ul., D.67, building 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125438

Reception of the General Director: +7 (495) 450-26-15
Documentation Support and Control Department: +7 (495) 601-46-31
Для обращений СМИ:

+7 (495) 956 49 63 (доб. 1020); press@gosniiga.ru

Electronic citizens’ appeals are sent ONLY by way of filling a special form on the official site of FSUE GosNII GA in the Internet at: http://www.gosniiga.ru , section “CITIZENS ‘TREES” tab “SUBMIT ELECTRONIC HANDLING”.

Contact Us
Name Phone
Information-analytical center (NC-10) +7(495) 646-29-46
Aviation Certification Center ASC (NC-11) +7(495) 578-47-34
Scientific Center for Research of Aircraft Engines and Power Plants for Aircraft (NC-12) +7(495) 956-11-85 dob. 1005
Scientific Center for Airworthiness Maintenance of Aircraft (NC LWGVS) +7(495) 956-49-61
Research Center for Transport and Aviation Security (NC-17) +7(495) 496-74-19
Scientific Center for Economic Monitoring, Analysis and Forecasting (NC-19) +7(495) 450-62-76
Flight Test Center (LIC) +7(495) 981-70-20
Aviation Training Center (NC-21) +7(495) 450-42-44
Flight Methodology Center (NC-22) +7(495) 232-06-47
Moscow Regional Center for Aviation Security (NC-24) +7(495) 496-74-19
Center for Scientific Support of Public Policy in the Field of Civil Aviation (NC-26) +7(495) 459-46-52
Scientific center of airport activities and aviation fuel supply (NC-28) +7(495) 496-76-20
Territorial divisions

Phone: +7 (495) 578-48-01

Mailing address: Moscow Region, Khimki, ow. Sheremetyevo-1 Airport, 2.125445

Driving directions

Mailing address: Moscow, Planernaya, 22, building 2 125481

Driving directions
Volokolamskoye shosse
Mailing address

123182 Volokolamskoe Highway, Building 26, Moscow

Driving directions